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Octopus is a SaaS model that enables interaction between cash registers and sales, social media, and screens, creating a seamless experience between customers and brands. Positioned in the Digital Signage category, Octopus focuses on providing efficient utilization of existing screens, regardless of their source, through its developed software. Its primary goal is to enable retailers to create effective signage and increase engagement, even without relying solely on industrial screens. As a result, Octopus has coined the motto “more than digital signage.” 

Octopus stands out with its ability to run on any smart TV, offering a wide content pool and user-friendly experience in terms of speed and ease of use. Additionally, its software and artificial intelligence are integrated with cameras placed on the screens. By analyzing the age range, gender, and duration of gaze of the viewer, Octopus can provide personalized offers and designs tailored to their age and gender without their explicit knowledge. This unique capability has propelled Octopus to a valuation of up to $7.5 million globally, and as of July 2022, it has secured an investment of $750,000. Octopus is motivated by its aspiration to expand globally and become a widely adopted SaaS model, as there is currently no other company globally capable of establishing an interaction between screen viewing frequency and purchasing behavior and providing reporting capabilities to brands. 

“Let’s hear the story of Octopus from its founder, Emre Yıldız: 

“At the beginning, while working with a retail company that sold construction materials through our digital agency, we were using PDF files they sent us to be published on their social media. These unappealing JPEG files didn’t make any difference in terms of interaction. As a creative agency, we started gradually turning these attachments into videos to bring the visuals to life, and there was a significant boost in interactions! In the end, the most engaging video content we created without spending any money was for this company, and we received an email from their executives saying ‘Keep doing whatever you’re doing.’ 

After gaining the confidence that we could do what we wanted within our team, we started shooting DIY videos. We also had to turn this into a sales opportunity. Once we started sharing videos on social media, people began sending videos to each other. We noticed that questions like ‘Where did you buy this paint? Where can I find this accessory?’ started to appear in the comments under the videos. This could now turn into sales. We thought of installing screens in stores so that people could watch the videos there and immediately make a purchase. That’s when we learned about digital signage. 

Then we realized that doing this with industrial screens was very costly. As our first screen in the retail sector, we bought a cheap television. At that time, we couldn’t control the TV with software, so we used a remote control to manually manage the screen based on the store’s opening and closing hours. After starting to use the screens, the sales of accessory paints in that store increased by 40%. In fact, we were not just doing digital signage, and we didn’t want to sell screens to anyone. We are actually a SaaS model that aims to establish interaction between sales and screens, social media and stores, social media and payments. Digital signage is a market where corporate companies can engage by purchasing industrial screens. Octopus is a system that promises to work on any smart device with both its online editor and extremely cost-effective screens.” 

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