How We Started?

Hear the origin story of Octopus from the founder of Octopus, Emre Yıldız.

One of the must-hear:

“Initially, when we were working with our digital agency with a retail company that sells building materials, we were using pdf files submitted by us for publication on their social media. Jpeg files, which had no appeal, made no difference in terms of interaction. As we are a Creative agency, we started changing the inserts to revive the visuals and there was indeed a boom in interactions! As a result, the video content that we received the most interaction globally without spending any money was in this company, we received an e-mail saying ‘keep doing whatever you are doing.’

After receiving encouragement from the team we worked with that we could do whatever we wanted, we started making DIY videos. We had to be able to turn it into a sale somehow. After starting to share videos on social media, people started sending videos to each other among themselves. ‘See how they refurbished the closet?’ And we realized that the products used started to ask the owner of the video, ‘Where did you get this paint, where can I find this accessory?’ We’ve seen here that we can turn it into a sale. We thought, let’s set up screens in the stores and people can watch the videos here too. So they could buy the product right away. That day we learned that this is digital signage.

Then we realized that doing this with an industrial screen is very costly. We bought a television as our first screen at the retail market. At that time, we could not turn the TV on and off with the software, we used the remote to manually manage the screen according to the opening and closing time of the store. After starting to use the screens, the sales of accessory paints increased by 40% in that store. Actually, we weren’t just doing digital signage, we didn’t want to sell screens to anyone. We are a SaaS model that interacts between sales and display, between social media and the store, between social media and checkout. Digital signage is a market that corporate companies can do by purchasing industrial screens, Octopus is a system that promises to work on any smart screen with both an online editor and very cost-effective screens so that the end user, a person passing by, a shopkeeper, a butcher can do this.”