The Company


The Challange

Kiğılı stores already had 200+ screens. Although they had a central display management system, they were insufficient in terms of reaching the target audience because they were a brand that appealed to men.

In addition, since the success of the contents displayed on the screens could not be measured and they could not receive any feedback, marketing and sales decisions were carried out based on general opinion. The accuracy of these decisions could not be understood.

The Promo

The Solution

Octopus has started to implement the Video Analysis service and the Conditioned Content feature, which is a part of this service, in stores so that Kiğılı can communicate with the target audience/visitors at the right point at the right time and perform target audience analysis.

With this, the screens in the stores turned into communication channels, contributing to Kiğılı’s development of different communication strategies on a branch basis.

Results Obtained

Kiğılı conducts customer analysis on real data in its branches where Octopus technology is applied, and in the light of this data, the brand can establish the most effective communication with male customers, which is the main target audience.

This ability has also contributed positively to Kiğılı’s sales and added value to the brand.